The use of both CBD and THC for pain killing purposes has been well documented. When used in conjunction with CBD/THC and other substances which act specifically on the opioid receptors, the potentiating effect can be remarkable.

The directive of this formulated compound is to increase the activity of the naturally occurring peptides, known as enkephalins, which are found in mammals. These peptides are known to have potent painkilling properties. The formula may also enhance enkephalins without utilizing CBD/THC.

This composition specifically targets the two opioid receptor sites (MU and Delta) which modulate enkephalins. In doing so, the potential of increasing the biochemical influence of the CBD/ THC components can be demonstrably enhanced.

The formula may also enhance enkephalins without utilizing CBD/THC.

Do to FDA we changed our name from CBD THC Booster to “Level Booster”

Users of the Level Booster composition have reported reduced pain, lower anxiety, improved mood, and mitigated tremors. More research is being conducted based on these promising results

Level Booster is developed from natural ingredients with safety as a prerequisite. It has been formulated to be used in conjunction with any cannabidiol, THC or opiate pain killer to enhance pain reduction.

To date, Level Booster has not exhibited any substantial psycho active enhancing effects. Another clause developed into the directive of this composition is to lower the addictive potential of any opioid drug. Thus far, the results of this process on humans has shown to be very promising.

Level Booster.pngNatural Integrative Holistic BioChemistry Dietary Supplements

*There is no CBD or THC in this product.

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